Branding options.

Embroidered or Thermo Printed?

When you’re deciding on your options, there are a few things to think about:

  • Colours – embroidery can use up to six colours, Thermo print can take three. Thermo print can reproduce bright and vibrant colours as well as textural effects like Flock, Fluro, Metallic and Reflective.
  • Definition – Thermo-print replicates very accurately, whereas embroidery can be tricky for some more detailed logos/designs.
  • Quality – if you want a truly premium feel, embroidery definitely delivers.

 The ordering process for both techniques is straightforward:

  • Choose the items you’d like.
  • You send us your hi-def artwork and design – we can help with this (at extra cost) if you are unable to produce it yourself.
  • We’ll send you a digital representation of your garments for you to review and approve; if you want to make final adjustments, now is the time.
  • If you want us to match any specific colours, just provide us with the Pantone references.

 Don’t worry:

  • Once we see your artwork and design, we’ll advise you if we see any issues with what you want to achieve.